Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Horizon t101 review

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill Reviews
Horizon Fitness Treadmill Model T101---Get a great workout in your home with the quiet and smooth continuous-duty Horizon T101 treadmill, which can reach speeds up to 10 miles per hour.

Horizon Fitness T101 Customer Reviews

  • Love this treadmill!, January 24, 2012---By C.D. (California)
Love, love, love this treadmill! I was tired of paying a gym membership just to get cardio in. I figured investing in a treadmill would be more worth my money in the long run. For the price, it is awesome! It's not up there with some of the more spaceship-like treadmills, but it's got a few programs, incline up to 10%, and speed adjustment up to 10 mph. In addition, it has a fan, heart rate monitor (on the hand rails), and an MP3 jack and speakers. For a home treadmill, it's got more than what I need. I jog for over an hour every day. After a year of having it, it's still running strong. It went through a move, and it's doing fine. Now my 200 lb husband uses it almost every day on an incline and at 8-9 mph without problems. Because it's in the cheaper price range, it is louder than a "better quality" treadmill. But the speakers make up for that easily. Assembly was easy. The belt took a little while to learn, but it was easy once I figured out exactly how to oil and position it.
The long-and-short of it: if you don't want to pay a ton for a treadmill and want something reliable with a good amount of features, this treadmill is worth every penny!

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  • Awesome Purchase for my (almost built) Office Treadmill Desk, BUT NO WARRANTY FOR USE OUT OF HOME, June 6, 2011 By pocarisweaty (Boise, ID)
Wow! So many great things to say about this purchase! First off, it was a great deal through Amazon Warehouse. This was my first purchase from the warehouse, and I will definitely buy again in the future. Secondly, the shipping company, Pilot Freight Services, was friendly, on-time and flexible with my schedule. The treadmill arrived in a box with lots of tape, so I'm unsure if it had been opened before or if this is the normal packaging, but the treadmill seems brand new to me. The package arrived with two tiny scuffs on the front (the box had been scraped off somehow), but I don't know if this was from the shipping service, or the reason why it was being sold through the warehouse. In either case, the scuffs are minimal and will be unseen once I get the desktop built.
Lastly, the treadmill was so easy to assemble! The treadmill is heavy (almost 300 lbs.), and in my case, it was difficult to move into my office given the small space. However, once we had the base situated, it took me (I assembled by myself) less than an hour to get it up and running.
I don't know if this is standard for Horizon, but my treadmill arrived with the base fully assembled (the belt was even lubed), and all I had to do was attach the arms and console.
All I have to do now is build the desktop over the console, and I will be walking away from sitting at my desk 8-10 hours a day! I will upload pics of the final treadmill desk once it's up and running!
UPDATE: 7/1/11: after registering my treadmill at Horizon, I was told that my warranty had been voided because I am using it out of the home. Despite the fact that my treadmill is in my locked office, and I am the only one with access to it, Horizon will not honor it. For those interested in having a warranty, make sure to do your homework regarding the out of home issue. For this reason, I would NOT recommend the Horizon treadmill for anyone interested in assembling an office treadmill desk out of home.

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